Kiss and Go Procedures

  Kiss & Go 

Procedures and Courtesies

Kiss& Go is a community effort to speed up your drop-off and pick-up at Warren Elementary. The goal is to provide safe arrival and dismissal procedures for your children.  Kiss & Go is NOT offered at most Baltimore County Schools, but offered at Warren thanks to committed Volunteers and Teachers.

What you SHOULD DO when dropping off your child or children at the Kiss & Go:

  1. DO have your child and their belongings ready to exit the car.
  2. DO wait for the Kiss & Go volunteer to open the door. 
  3. DO give your child their farewell kisses and hugs BEFORE it is your turn to exit.
  4. DO remind your child to stay to the side of the parking lot and proceed straight to the sidewalk.
  5. After your child has exited the car, DO still remain alert. There are many people, including students, parents and volunteers who may be at risk if you are not fully aware.
  6. DO ensure your child can safely walk to his or her classroom independently.
  7. DO yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks.

What you SHOULD NOT do when dropping off your child or children at the Kiss & Go:

  1. Do NOT drop your child off before the volunteer opens the car door. Cars must be in SINGLE line at all times.
  2. Do NOT make a U-Turn in the school driveway. 
  3. Do NOT drop off or pick up your child in the crosswalk or any other part of the parking lot. Do NOT park your car or leave your vehicle in the Kiss & Go loop. Wait your turn in the Kiss & Go line.
  4. Do NOT have your child exit from any other door except the door closest to the Kiss & Go volunteer opening the door.  If you need to let your child out of your vehicle from another door, please ask your child to walk around the front of the car.
  5. Do NOT enter the bus loop.  Only authorized vehicles are allowed in the bus loop from 7:00 to 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.


  • All parents are concerned for the safety of their children, so please be respectful of others in the Kiss & Go line and on foot. 


  • Volunteers are concerned for the safely of your child, but are ultimately not responsible for getting your child into the classroom. 


  • Please be respectful of these volunteers and their time.


  • Report all concerns to the school administration or a PTA Representative.


  • If you would like to volunteer at the Kiss & Go, please contact the PTA secretary or email